Thank You #WitCon2020 and the more than 500+ women and men in the audience this morning for the honor of being your keynote, and letting me share The Power of We, the Human Science of Success, Hermione Rising, Vote Like a Boss….and my story as a black woman in tech. Read more…

Vote Like a Boss is a collection of essays, writings, and poems presented and performed by global serial entrepreneur Tiffany Norwood at the US Patent and Trademark Office’s 2020 WES in Washington, DC. Given as her last live speech before the pandemic, Tiffany used her platform to speak to the new reality that was coming, the need to look after each other, and the opportunity to reimagine everything.

Weaving together a unique narrative about innovation and leadership, in Vote Like A Boss Tiffany shares her extraordinary story as a founder and asks herself (and all of us): could she have been an entrepreneur, inventor, and leader if she didn’t have the right to vote? And, is voting itself an act of self-worth? Celebrating both the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and the women’s right to vote; and, the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, Tiffany talks about why taking yourself seriously like speaking up to family and friends, raising your hand in class; and yes even voting, are all the same personality traits that are critical for success in business, school, sports, and life. 

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